Safe Income Strategy #1

Clients Demand Safe Income Strategies!

During the Financial Market Melt Down of 2008 and 2009 not only did many people see their IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement savings cut in half … their dividend checks were cut or eliminated, and interest income lowered.

Many fear it could happen again

This is understandable…taxpayer bailouts, failed stimulus spending, growing deficits…due to out of control government spending, the fear of job killing tax hikes and more intrusive government regulations …Obamacare … Socialism … and European, Arab and Asian apology and appeasement tours. Double digit unemployment. Weak leadership. The rise of China. Obama’s failed energy policies. Obama’s rejection of America’s Exceptionalism. The decline of America under Obama. Indecision when the World demands Decisive Leadership. Terrorism and Natural Disasters.

Are you prepared?

Three Safe Income Strategies

  • Focused on Keeping your money safe

  • Generating a steady dependable income stream you can count on

  • Paying more than Bank CDs, Money Markets and Treasuries

  • Without the downside risk and volatility of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

The Safe Income Strategies work.

  • During the Financial Melt down of 2008 & 2009, none of our clients lost money due to market volatility with these strategies.

  • There Capital was secure and their Income was steady and dependable.

Solutions for You.

Safe Income Strategy #1

The CD killer.

Moves people from a 1% to 2% world of Bank CDs to a 5% to 6%+ world of Guaranteed payments by top rated insurance companies, many of which have been around for more than 100 years.

We buy future cash flows for cash now. We provide liquidity where no liquidity exist to people who need cash now. The payments we acquire are guaranteed and paid by top rated insurance companies.

Using a 4000 year old idea that has been passed down through the centuries by families of money changers, and applying this idea to a niche in the insurance industry, we are able to take advantage of a secret the insurance industry doesn’t want you to know. A secret that is hidden in plain sight in every annuity and life insurance policy…the right to sell, assign or transfer your policy.

Using this knowledge, we are able to cash out pensions, annuities and structured settlements. There is no provision to surrender an annuity or structured settlement once payments have begun. The insurance companies have locked in a long term low interest liability and they are unwilling to extinguish this liability prior to maturity. They are earning higher rates of return than they are paying out, and they won’t give up the positive spread.

Circumstances change and people need cash now.

We buy the future annuity or structured settlements at a discount…and you get a steady, dependable income you can count on, that’s paying more than bank cds, money markets or treasury’s and without the downside risk of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

While each transaction is unique, many pay immediate income, others defer payments for a number of years. Recent offerings, all subject to prior sale and change in price:


Turn $208,975.14 into $418,200.00…Guaranteed and Paid by an AM Best A+ (Superior) rated Life Insurance Company
Purchase Price $208,975.14; Payments received $418,200.00
99 monthly payments of $1,000.00 from 06/01/2011 to 08/01/2019
168 monthly payments of $1,900.00 from 09/01-2019 to 08/01/2033

Turn $208,975.14 into $418,200.00…Guaranteed and Paid by an AM Best A+ (Superior) rated Life Insurance Company
Purchase Price $208,975.14; Payments received $418,200.00
99 monthly payments of $1,000.00 from 06/01/2011 to 08/01/2019
168 monthly payments of $1,900.00 from 09/01-2019 to 08/01/2033


Turn $90,264.45 into $310,000.00…Guaranteed and Paid by an AM Best A (Excellent) rated Life Insurance Company
Purchase Price $90,264.45; Payments received $310,000.00
1 Lump Sum Payment of $110,000.00 due 12/15/2027
1 Lump Sum Payment of $200,000.00 due12/15/2032


Turn $205,129 into $943,000…Guaranteed and Paid by an AM Best A+ (Superior) Rated Life Insurance Company
Purchase Price $205,129.06; Payments received $943,000.00
2 Lump Sum Payments:
$225,000.00 Lump Sum Payment due December 30,2030
$718,000.00 Lump Sum Payment due December 30,2035


Other offerings can be found at Safe Income Strategies Blog

To participate please call me at 
or email me at [email protected] or [email protected] Tell me your story.


Using Safe Income Strategy #1 to provide a legacy for your loved ones. If you are uninsurable, consider Safe Income Strategy #1 as a vehicle to provide an income stream for your loved ones. This an be a powerful option, when combined with a self-directed Roth IRA or a trust.


Profit from my 35+ years experience working with high net worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them create wealth, keep their wealth and pass it on to the next generation. You can benefit too.

A CPA, I have been a stockbroker with Series 7, 24 & 27 licenses, an insurance producer, the Chief Financial Officer of a private equity group (Venture Capital) that raised private equity funds and then took a company public, a mortgage broker and owner of a mortgage company. Safe Income Strategies work, and you don’t have to be super rich for them to work for you.

Licensed: NJ Department of Banking and Insurance, PA Departments of Banking and Insurance, NY Department of Banking, State of New York Insurance Department, Texas Department of Insurance, Florida Department of Financial Services, Alabama Department of Insurance


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